Monday, January 19, 2009

Shake-Up in Highlands' District

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association's Board of Control recently approved a change that will impact Highlands' district (Kentucky Class 5A, District 5) in 2009. Covington Holmes will move down to Class 4A, District 5 in 2009, on account of the school's diminishing enrollment numbers. As a result, Holmes will no longer be in the district with Highlands, Covington Catholic, Dixie Heights and Scott. There are no plans for a team to be moved into Highlands' district. As a result, all four remaining teams in Class 5A, District 5 will be guaranteed playoff spots in 2009, since the top four teams from each district qualify for the state playoffs.

This change will also likely impact Highlands' 2009 schedule. Holmes will have to play the teams in its new district, and Holmes may have to drop the Class 5A, District 5 teams (including Highlands) from its schedule.

For details regarding Highlands' 2009 schedule (as it currently stands), please click on "Highlands' Current Schedule and Team Roster," located on the "Contents" page of:

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